On those cold winter days, it’s always nice to have that extra warmth on your feet as you stroll through your home. It’s a luxurious feeling that is growing in popularity in new homes and renovations. Although it may add some cost to your build or project, it’s well worth it to add radiant floor heating if you can, in particular, electric heating, and there are a number of reasons why.

Energy Efficiency

While traditional radiators must reach temperatures of 65 to 76 degrees Celsius to heat an area of your home, electric floor heating only needs temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius to effectively warm a room. This can dramatically lower energy bills.

Plus, floor heating evenly distributes the heat, as radiators cannot, which eliminates cold spots in the room.

Easy to Operate

Once the underfloor heating is installed and operational, it is simple to use and does not require much maintenance, if any. If you can operate a thermostat, you can use in-floor electric heating. In fact, you can program your setting based on when you are most often in the area. Red Deer electricians can install these throughout the year.

Additional Space

Since your heat source is under the floor, you will not have a radiator or electric heater taking up space in the room. This will allow you to make use of the additional space in any way you wish, opening the room up to all kinds of design options. And when it comes to cleaning, you don’t anything in the way, so you can take care of dirt and dust with ease.

Your Choice of Flooring

When thinking about in-floor heating, tiles usually come to mind as the primary flooring material since they tend to feel cold. But you can choose any type of flooring you prefer, even hardwood or carpeting.

Feel Safe and Comfortable

Without a hot radiator on the wall or potentially sharp vent edges on the floor, you don’t have to worry about burning or scraping yourself, or even worse, a child getting hurt.

As well, your air quality can improve since underfloor radiant heat maintains fresh air that is oxygen-rich. Radiators tend to get so hot that the air nearby becomes uncomfortable by creating thermal circulation that raises dust in the air to the ceiling and back down again endlessly.

Easy Installation

When going through a new home build or a home renovation, it’s simple to add in-floor heating as you would like it throughout the home. It can even be done yourself before laying the floor you choose to finish the space. It simply needs to be rolled out with the electric wiring already spaced out accordingly.

Take full advantage of your home’s space, feel comfortable with the perfect heating system that radiates evenly, and save on your energy consumption. These benefits and more are waiting for you when you add in-floor electric heating to your home. There may be some added costs involved, but it is well worth it in the end.